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What is Osseous Surgery?

Periodontal (gum) disease can progress to the point where it results in holes, called defects, in the bone tissue that surrounds a tooth. Osseous surgery may be performed to reshape the bone and eliminate the defects. This is a more invasive surgical procedure requiring Dr. Lanier to cut the gum away from the infected area(s).

So Why Choose Osseous Surgery?

  • After seeing the hygienist for scaling & root planing or deep cleanings to remove the plaque and bacteria beneath the gums, this helps the gum tissue to heal.
  • Dr. Lanier is able to reach under gum in hard to reach places to remove diseased areas
  • Helps to prevent future tooth loss
  • Repairs damage caused by progressing disease
  • After osseous surgery the teeth may appear longer in your mouth due to bone loss and the removal of a small amount of tissue (gum recession). This may result in some root sensitivity or food traps. If the sensitivity is a problem, it can be treated with applications of fluoride. Home care is extremely important after osseous surgery to prevent decay.

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